Investment Team

The Empire Life Investments Team is made up of experienced professionals with specific expertise, skills and knowledge. Our team-based approach is at the core of how we manage money. We believe sharing ideas leads to better investment decisions and ensures the continuity and stability of our funds and their performance. The team manages Canadian, U.S. and international equities, balanced and fixed-income investments.

Meet our investment team.

Tin Hardacre
Ian Hardacre, MBA, CFA

Senior Vice-President and Chief Investment Officer, Empire Life & Chief Investment Officer, Empire Life Investments

Amber Sinha
Amber Sinha, MBA, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Jennifer Law, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities

Ashley Misquitta, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, U.S. Equities

Doug Cooper, CFA

Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities

Alex Rasmussen, CFA
Alex Rasmussen, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst

Greg Chan
Greg Chan, CFA

Senior Investment Analyst

Rahul Bhambhani, CFA

Investment Analyst

Pat McGrath
Pat McGrath, CPA, CGA, CFA

Head of Fixed Income and Private Placements

Paul Pathak
Paul Pathak

Director of Fixed Income

Geoff Johnston
Geoff Johnston, CFA

Senior Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

Albert Ngo, MFE

Portfolio Manager, Fixed Income

Diane Burke
Diane Burke

Manager, Equity Trading