Empire Life Dividend Growth Mutual Fund and certain series of all Empire Life mutual funds were closed to new purchases as of October 3, 2022. These funds were subsequently terminated on December 5, 2022. See the press release for further details.

Jeremy Yumul

Jeremy Yumul
Investment Analyst

Jeremy joined Empire Life Investments Inc. in 2023 as an Investment Analyst. As a member of the Empire Life Investments Team, he is responsible for providing research on Canadian equities, mainly in support of the Empire Life Asset Allocation GIF1,2, Empire Life Canadian Equity GIF1,2, Empire Life Dividend Growth GIF1,2, Empire Life Elite Equity GIF1,2, and Empire Life Monthly Income GIF1,2.

Prior to his current role, Jeremy had investment positions in two Canadian pension funds where he covered a wide range of industries.

Jeremy holds a Master of Finance from Queen’s University.

 1 Policies are issued by The Empire Life Insurance Company. 

2 This is the marketing name for the fund. The legal name excludes “Empire Life” and “GIF” and includes “Fund” at the end of the name.