Empire Life Dividend Growth Mutual Fund and certain series of all Empire Life mutual funds were closed to new purchases as of October 3, 2022. These funds were subsequently terminated on December 5, 2022. See the press release for further details.


Stay true to your investment goals. These easy-to-use calculators can help keep your investment plan on the right course.

Investor Profile Questionnaire

What is your investor profile? Our Investor Profile Questionnaire helps determine which of our Emblem Portfolios may be right for you. Visit Investor Profile Questionnaire

RRSP Calculator

Are you saving enough for retirement? Find out if you’re on track with our retirement calculator. Visit RRSP Calculator

RRSP vs. Mortgage Calculator

What's better, investing in your RRSP or paying down your mortgage? Use this calculator to find out which strategy works best for you. Visit RRSP vs. Mortgage Calculator

RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Calculator

Ready for retirement? Use this calculator to help determine how much income your RRSP will generate in retirement. Visit RRIF Minimum Withdrawal Calculator

RRSP Loan Calculator

Looking for an RRSP loan? An RRSP loan can help boost your savings so you can retire comfortably. Find out how affordable an RRSP loan can be. Visit RRSP Loan Calculator