Empire Life Dividend Growth Mutual Fund and certain series of all Empire Life mutual funds were closed to new purchases as of October 3, 2022. These funds were subsequently terminated on December 5, 2022. See the press release for further details.

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(Kingston, ON – July 4, 2022) – Empire Life Investments Inc. (ELII) today announced the appointment of Paul Holba, CFA, as Chief Investment Officer. Mr. Holba also joins the executive leadership team of parent company The Empire Life Insurance Company (Empire Life).

Ian Fung discusses the potential impact on the market as a result of the U.S. Federal Reserve announcement. Watch the Off the Cuff video.

Ashley Misquitta shares his views on the potential impact that shareholders and courts are beginning to have on a few of the world's largest energy producers.

Geoff Johnston shares the message behind the recent rise in bond yields. Watch the Off the Cuff video.
TORONTO (February 4, 2021) – Empire Life Investments Inc. (ELII) announced that the risk ratings for the funds listed below have changed as indicated. 
January 14, 2021 – Toronto, ON - Empire Life Investments Inc. (“ELII”) announced that it has filed an early warning report with respect to the acquisition of common shares of CES Energy Solutions Corp. (the “Issuer”) held by certain funds managed by ELII. This press release is being filed to report certain acquisitions made by ELII through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
Ashley Misquitta reviews the U.S. general election results and the potential impact on the markets in this Off the Cuff video.

In this Off the Cuff video, David Mann discusses how COVID-19 may be resulting in a K-shaped recovery which is exposing relative strengths and weaknesses in operating models. Learn more

Greg Chan discusses how our disciplined investment approach allowed us to take advantage of a short term market dislocation in this Off the Cuff video.

In this Off the Cuff video, Geoff Johnston discusses the recent credit downgrade for Canada.  

Sara Shahram discusses the relationship between COVID-19 and gold in this Off the Cuff video

Find out how Doug Cooper is positioning the Empire Life Dividend Growth Fund during COVID-19 in this Off the Cuff video.

Albert Ngo discusses how the Covid-19 situation has impacted the corporate bond market in this Off the Cuff video.

For Empire Life, the health and well-being of our employees, customers and business partners is our number one priority. We continue to closely monitor developments regarding the COVID-19 virus and follow the advice of health professionals and government. We have taken a number of measures so we can continue to serve our customers, protect our people and prevent the over-burdening of our valuable health care system.

Doug Cooper discusses why Intact Financial meets his investment criteria in this Off The Cuff video.


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