Greg Chan

Greg Chan, CFA
Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities

Greg joined Empire Life Investments Inc. in 2018 and is Portfolio Manager, Canadian Equities. He is a member of the Investment Team providing investment management for segregated funds1 and mutual funds2.

Greg is the co-manager of Empire Life Asset Allocation GIF*, Empire Life Canadian Equity GIF*, Empire Life Dividend Growth GIF*, Empire Life Elite Equity GIF*, and Empire Life Monthly Income GIF.

Greg began his career in 2006 and has held progressive roles at a leading Canadian investment firm. His most recent experience as an investment analyst included covering and researching multiple sectors to support Canadian, Global and U.S. portfolios.

Greg holds a Bachelor of Management and Organizational Studies from the University of Western Ontario and he is also a CFA charterholder.

1 Issued by The Empire Life Insurance Company.
2 Offered by Empire Life Investments Inc.

* These are the marketing names for the funds. The funds’ legal name excludes “Empire Life” and “GIF” and includes “Fund” at the end of the name.