Unclaimed Property

The provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec have enacted regulations concerning unclaimed property. As a result, Empire Life Investments has implemented policies and procedures to locate investors for whom we are holding unclaimed property, if their last known address was in one of the three provinces. Unclaimed property could include mutual fund units and cheques and is deemed 'unclaimed' in the following circumstances:

  • A communication or cheque has been mailed to an Empire Life Investments investor for whom we are holding an account and has been returned as 'undeliverable';
  • A communication has been sent to a client for whom we are holding an account requesting that an action be taken by a specified date, and no action has been taken;
  • A cheque was sent to a client for whom we are holding an account and the cheque has not been cashed;
  • The client has not indicated an interest in the account;
  • Residents of Alberta – the value of the unclaimed property is $250.00 or more;
  • Residents of British Columbia – the value of the unclaimed property is $50.00 or more; or
  • Residents of Quebec – the value of the unclaimed property is $100.00 or more.

Empire Life Investments will endeavour to locate such individuals and such effort may include the following means:

  • Correspondence with the advisor and/or dealer of record;
  • Searching our unitholder recordkeeping system for other existing accounts; and
  • Formal searches including but not limited to telephone searches (telephone book, 411 assistance or www.canada411.ca).

Empire Life Investments maintains unclaimed property records of unitholders who we have been unable to contact. If you believe you may own unclaimed property held by Empire Life Investments, please contact us at:

Client Services

Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. EST

Toll-free telephone: 1 855 823-6883

Toll-free fax: 1 866 970-0135
Local fax:
1 905 212-8575

Email: mutualfund@empire.ca

Mailing Address:
Empire Life Investments Inc.
100 - 5900 Hurontario Street
Mississauga, ON L5R 0E8

Empire Life Investments may require that you provide documentation to validate ownership or your status as beneficiary, heir or assignee. You may also be required to contact the applicable dealer of record.