Empire Life Dividend Growth Mutual Fund and certain series of all Empire Life mutual funds were closed to new purchases as of October 3, 2022. These funds were subsequently terminated on December 5, 2022. See the press release for further details.

Empire Life Mutual Funds®

If you need a single, focused investment, Empire Life mutual funds might be for you. They give you access to professional management that’s conservative, value-oriented and disciplined.

Are Empire Life mutual funds for you?

Empire Life mutual funds may be for you if:

  • You want to participate in the growth potential of the markets, but want downside protection.
  • You are looking for convenient and affordable access to professional investment management.
  • You want the flexibility of your investments being a source of cash flow.
  • You want the ability to contribute to your investments over time.

How do mutual funds work?

You invest in a mutual fund by buying units of the fund. Your investment is pooled with that of other investors in the fund. Professional money managers invest this money for you based on the objectives of the fund.

Why should I invest in an Empire Life mutual fund?

  • Prudent, professional investment management. We use a conservative, value-oriented and disciplined approach to investing.
  • Diversification. We give you access to a wider range of investments than you might be able to invest in on your own.
  • Tax efficiency. Our Series T option is available on our mutual funds, which give you efficient tax treatment of your cash flow.

Talk to your advisor about choosing the right Empire Life mutual fund for you.