Empire Life Investments Inc. wins two Insurance & Financial Communicators Association (IFCA) Awards

TORONTO, ONTARIO (September 8, 2014) – Empire Life Investments Inc. has been recognized for its outstanding achievement in marketing and communications with two awards from the Insurance & Financial Communicators Association (IFCA), an international association specializing in the insurance and financial services industry.

Empire Life Investments Inc. was awarded “Best of Show” for the Class Plus 2 campaign, which cleverly linked product benefits with the familiarity of household items like aspirin, antiperspirant, and antacid. Class Plus 2 is a guaranteed retirement income for life solution that helps Canadians retire with peace of mind.

“In developing the campaign, our goal was to make it easy for advisors to communicate the benefits of Class Plus 2 to their clients in a simple and relatable way,” said Julie Yoshikuni, Vice President of Investment Products and Marketing. “The IFCA awards symbolize our commitment to finding creative ways to communicate and ultimately, help our customers meet their financial goals.”

Empire Life Investments Inc. also received an “Award of Excellence” for its recently launched investment blog www.empirelifeinvestments.ca/en/blog. This award recognized excellence for insightful portfolio manager commentaries, visual appeal, and easy navigation.

About Empire Life Investments Inc.
Empire Life Investments Inc. celebrates 50 years of managing investments for Canadians*. Empire Life Investments Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Empire Life Insurance Company, is the Portfolio Manager of the Empire Life Mutual Funds and the Empire Life Segregated Funds. The Empire Life Insurance Company is one of Canada’s top 10 insurance companies** and has helped Canadians build wealth and protect their financial security. The company’s vision is to be known for simplicity, being easy to do business with, and having a personal touch.

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*The Empire Life Insurance Company has been managing money for 50 years; including through its subsidiary Empire Life Investments Inc. since 2012.
** As at June 2014

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